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I was waiting to see your 3rd gear wheelies towards the end of the video, but I guess your saving that for part 2... Did the mods do anything to your fuel economy?


Wondering how it compares to the well-jetted BSR or a tuned FCR? I installed a FCR this spring and the dead slow roll-on from idle is quite a bit better, mid is snappier and I may be using slightly more fuel....but not enough to really make any difference. My previous BSR was pretty much spot-on.

Keep us posted as to your impressions?
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I have not had a chance to take the bike for a long run to test fuel mileage, and I am sure right now it is not the best based upon all the chewies that I have been leaving everywhere :p

The BST that I had on the DRZ was really good once I lowered the gearing and added the FMF Snap. That Snap actually was the game changer in making the BST behave better. But it was still a CV carb, there was still some hesitation and tension on slow roll ons, as well as the odd hesitation when cracking to WOT. The BST on my DR 650 was HORRIBLE!!!!! I put a FCR on that bike and thought why not try the Lectron on the DRZ? I like the idea of jetless and the way that the metering rod acts as a poor man's fuel injection. Kinda the same concept as the CV carb, but in a mechanical format.

I find the bike way snappier all around. Now you can use all the cc's at any given point and the throttle response is light years over the BST. I agree that you can get a BST tuned to a great spot, that is where I had my DRZ BST, but in the end it is still a CV carb and does not hold a candle to a mechanical carb of some flavor.

As for jetting I had to monkey around with the jetting on the DR BST way more then I ever had to once I put the FCR on there. The stock CV on teh DRZ was actually jetted quite well, but I left everything (pipe/airbox) stock while I had it on.

Third gear wheelies, well those usually get edited out cause they do not make me look film worthy - hahahaha Will keep you guys posted as I get more miles on this carb. I am very interested to test it's ability to manage elevation and temperature.