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ALWAYS...and I do mean ALWAYS enjoy your videos.
The underwater shots add an incredible perspective...I stand in awe of your video prowess.

Teach me, Yoda...


Awesome!!! Thanks for the great words!! And ya, when I looked at the video footage at night I went straight to the underwater ones to see how they turned out. They were great, made me really happy!!

As for teaching video prowess, I find it easiest to just let my ADD take over and direct the shots :hf:

Glad you enjoyed it!!



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If u bought anORANGE bike u wouldn't have to speed up the video...!:))):
I keed..
Great video, sweet to see how much action there is going after your hook!
At least ya caught a log...oh wait, it got away!

LOL :clap:


Nicely done! Great video... I know how much time it takes to edit videos and you have done a great job... my hats off to you!
Keep em coming... (the under water vids were very cool!) :tup:
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Thanks guys!!

I have seen lots of underwater footage of the tires of bikes, so I wanted to try something a little different, and am very happy that it turned out!! But it was a dismal day of fishing, I could not even land the stick - haha. Next year I may take the gopro with me salmon fishing. Will have to make up a river salmon moto video :hf: