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Vidette area...


Heading up that way again...just wondering what the road conditions are like. The dirt roads around Merritt/Nicola were nice and dry last week; ergo the Kamloops area should be the same, no?

Pulled a trailer a few years back when the snow had just come off the road...not a lot of fun!


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We had a good look straight up that valley from a the plateau on the south side of the Thompson river last weekend, and there was a large (forest) fire in the deadman vidette valley. Thats as close as we got. The roads and riding were great on the south side of the Thompson! With a high snowline, we made it up to the top of Savona (sp)mtn.
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A LOT of snow went away this week. It dried up a lot. I don't know for sure but judging by some of the other roads, I would guess you can get to Vidette and beyond without mud trouble.