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So I mentioned to alot of people at the show about some of the upcoming rides and events at DSBC. But if you look, the Coles is last years and alot of '06 rides are still around.

It would be great if anyone could update this site with all of the events as I suspect that all those people will be going home to check the site out. Maybe even a section that shows the latest schedule.

I noticed the yellow schedule at the show was wrong. And the blue sheets were right. So clarification would be great and a mention of upcoming events like the 3rd annual newbie ride. Maybe we can put all the '06 in an archive page so people don't get confused.

Anyways, not trying to make work for you busy people:tup: Just I thought people would follow up pretty quickly after the show and first impression is everything.


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Thanks We are aware of the problem:(

We hope to get everything cleaned up and brought up to date over the next few weeks

We will send a email to let everone know as well:D

Just wait it will happen:hb: