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Welcome to Sea to Sky !

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Happy birthday to us ! We now have a section for the Sea to Sky corridor ! If you've got questions about riding in Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, the Sunshine Coast, etc... and beyond, or are looking for fellow riders to join yer posse, please post up here !
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Dont get overly exited about the name of this section, the name will probably change to reflect the Forest District withing the South Coast Region

The discussion I have had was to have the DSBC board reflect the Forest District Regions and have the specific Forest Districts as a sub menu of the Region

For example

Souther Coast Region
Chilliwack Forest District
Squamish Forest District
Sunshine Coast District

As we all here ride withing each of these districts for recreation, and need to find the information we need within each region.
Such as
Local Forest District Contacts and website
Local Clubs
Specific Trail / Route information

As everything here at DSBC, it is a work in progress. For now I will be working on the South Coast Region and lets see how it works out, then we will update the other regions

Tom T
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