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WEll thats it.....


We're all entitled to our views, and there are some valid points made here. We've all seen irresponsible behaviour (and not just with "thrillcraft"), take note of the manufacturer's ads in the video - and recognize that this behaviour is condoned by society !

IMHO - this is why its crucial that we respect the trails, clean up after ourselves, and show others that there can be and are responsible off road/back country users.

While challenging (we've all seen the "special forces" who are totally clueless as to how to behave responsibly, or worse just don't give a sh*t), this underlines the need for education, and possibly fee based usage (I hope not, but this may deter those who place no value on access). If we don't handle this ourselves, this WILL be "managed" for us - read: trail closures.


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How do you battle a video like that?

That video would undo a decade of responsible riding & trail management done by 100 people!

Who is going to watch a video of a bunch of slow moving quads with smooth tires kicking up no dust at all?

Quads at the local dealers have 3" paddle mud tires. :hr:



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joker, your absolutely right! and we as a very small percentage of the general population, need to be worried about our future access and right to ride. but meaningful changes need to be done at our level and much higher up on the chain. just as generations have been taught that every thing you buy is now short term and disposable,some way and somehow we need to educate people about excessive noise, and damageing land as opposed to useing it and takeing care of it. video's like that go along way to getting massive amounts of people thinking that the "thrill seekers" are not good folks to have around. but on the other hand, i can ride to a handfull of mountain tops around kamloops and look out on countless square miles of devastation from logging, that the thrill seekers could never do in a lifetime. but that "activity" is somehow condoned by the public.


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Probably put together by the Sierra club in California.....they were showing the same pics of the desert tortuous back in the early 90s. Bunch of hate mongering against motorized.... I wonder if they tell their kids scary stories about the Thrillcraft??


Past President DSBC 2004 -2018
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Joker and everyone

Dont let this guy get you down:( the author of Thrillcraft is George Wuerthner, he does not like anything on public lands, he hates ranchers, loggers and anything to do with the environment other than people power. This is a one man crusade. You will also notice most of his "Facts and Truths" are minimum 10 years old and many are over 20 years old. A lot has changed since this guy showed up. But non of those changes will make this guy happy, so lets let him just go away.

Its a well produced video but based on skewed and outdated facts and information. After watching this video, even I thought we have to be stopped, but then we dont act like any of those on the video

Its too bad he now has a place on the DSBC site, that's just what he wants.


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This man needs to lighten up. Public land is public and whilst I don't like it to be abused (I try and keep the trails etc happy and clean and alwasy stop for horses or hikers) I also think that this arguement is predicatable, false and completely overexagerated. How he tries to link an activity like trail riding to ripping around war graves is....well...he is mental.

For every acre of trail there are countless numbers of natural, 'unspoilt' beautiful places of which I also like to enjoy where a thrillthingy will never go. There are always bad eggs in any basket though and no-one likes those, but pointing the finger at a whole demographic is just idiocy.

There's plenty of everything out there for all of us. Get out there and enjoy it instead of editing in iMovie with ghoulish soundtracks.



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"Thrillcraft" I guess a tricked out mountain bicycle is a thrillcraft too. I hear what you are saying Tom, why give him a platform here. But it's good to know the devil and see him for who he is.
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Thank goodness we have X BOX and PS 4 for our youth to play all those ORV games and get fat and lazy.