West Harrison Bridge Washout


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Couldn't find anything online as of late to the condition of the bridge washed out at the 55km mark of the West Harrison so my wife and I rode out on the 1190R to see first hand. No need to think of using the new ride around and access the old bridge to carry on as the bridge is completely gone. They have removed the old bridge and started installing new piles hopefully for a new bridge in the future but didn't see once piece of equipment in the area. Not sure what will happen out there ?


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Is there an update for this as of May 6, 2019? Who are the best people to contact that would know the status of this washout-or can it be ridden as is? Thanks,


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Nobody to contact with up to date info, MoFLNRO may be worth a try. I was told it was supposed to be completed end of May and will be checking into a personal contact on that. When the water is down you can fjord at the lakeshore readily but water is up and will be for a few more weeks.