Where to ride and what to see around Canim lake


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I'm going to be at a friends cabin on Canim lake from aug 20-23. I wil have my bike with me (Drz400) and am looking for any suggestions on good places to ride within a hour or two ride from the lake. I'm interested in single track or quad trails or even just easy riding to an interesting destination. I have had a look through my backroads map book and there seams to be a fair amount around but I'm interested in a locals perspective. Also any 4x4ing around that area would interest me. Thanks for any insite.


Check out Mahood/Canim falls....Lorin Lake...Coldscaur Lake....Italia...Corsica...there's some big loops you can do...side-trip to Clearwater...

I have some tracks for that area if you're interested...PM me with your e-mail address, as I cannot attach anything to these posts.
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At the bottom of the hill on the left side as you enter 100 mile house from the south is a information centre with maps of the area.