Working on some new B track


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As i said before, the A team this year is gonna capitalize on a most loved B+ route of last year. we are throwing in A options. mostly before your lunch stop at sunpeaks. Don't bring a klr on the A splits,you will be very late for the steak dinner you paid for if you do! we are shooting for approx 175 km's max between gas stops( the pritchard gas station you will pass on the way out in the morning) fill up there on the way out! 2 or 3 liters will make a difference!.Presently there are no plans for a gas stop midday,so you need to plan/carry fuel/dump it in ASAP to get yourselves the mileage you will need to get a swim in the river,a couple of cold brews and a well earned dinner when you get back to our lovely camping spot on the south thompson river. i'll post up some approx riding times once we have linked it all together and run it end to end, thank you

cactusreid and the A team of 2011

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Matty-D and I went scouting some more yesterday. He has all the pix of me sawing through the logs and I have him going through water. The best part is that Matt went through all the puddles to make sure they were clear of rocks at the bottom.

And yes, this is the B ROUTE. Total loop is 273 km now, but still requires some tweaking as it will be a very long day especially if you take the B+ option :)

It is not much drier out there folks, creek is down a bit but I still managed to get water over my boots.

This is Rossmore Lake, the road it is the middle part which is very deep. We pre-walked this since we were already wet and stuck to the edge.



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Thinking about heading out again tomorrow. Late start... Say 11? Anyone want to go get wet? Want to Rollchart the section from Rossmoore to Stump and ride from Stump to BAch... Maybe think about a shorter way?

I'll have pics up of Bora sweating and mudding soon!

Great to see people getting stoked!


If this weather continues you may all get to experience early summer riding in Kamloops. Hope you like mud :clap::clap::clap:


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dorky, rosco and i will be out early tomorrow as well, we are roll charting the A sections that we are putting in just after the sweet little run beside Eileen lake. we have approx 50 km's of some real groovy stuff. see if you can keep track of your riding time on the b+ tomorrow, as that will be a factor in wether we add in more A sections, or leave well enough alone. we will probably be at sun peaks,lunch time?

Which one of you is in the middle? what's a matter?? you don't think i look good in fuchia?


Fuschia? Now I know what is under your riding gear. Have fun tomorrow.

I am currently cutting the B loop into 500 point chunks on my laptop for the GPS users.


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I would like to say that the Gina Loop Mojavi bag from Dave at Moto Overland is one of the best pieces of kit out there. Everything in it stayed dry today even through all this water.

Thanks to my Sealskinz over the calf neoprene socks, my feet were also nice and dry even with all that water inside my boots!

Next week...better cameras...

Awesome Dan! glad to hear you like it!! (could you change that to Giant Loop though!! ;))

I'll be toting the whole Giant Loop line with me for riders to check out (Big Booger's already snagged the MoJavi demo to feed his 'Berg). I'll also have the brand new GL Coyote and Great Basin Dry bags too.

Question on the B route for the F8GS...

You were originally saying it was big bike doable with some work...still true?

The snorkels are up high for those river/lake crossings but when it's on it's side they act like scoops ;)



I changed it Dave. The B route is doable on a bigger bike like the F800GS if you have some knobby tires on it. The mud, rocks, and sand hill will be VERY tough without those.

That would be the biggest bike that I would take on the route though, even then it may not be a ton of fun in the tougher sections. The rest of the route will be just fine, but it will be slow going for sure.