World Superbike at laguna seca!


Anyone planning on riding down to take this in?

Looking for a couple of others willing to share a good time, including as much twisty pavement as possible (without going too far off route - this is negotiable!)

It is happening Sept. 28.



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I went down for the World GP in July, And camped up on Fox Hill, It was a great time. Also took every twisty road we could on the way down.
What are you guys riding and how long you guys taking?


So far its just me!
I plan on taking 3 days to get there, the same to get back. I'll be riding my 750Aprilia,so there will be a Lo tsof fuel stops!
No concrete routes, as I hope to learn more from fellow riders. Definitely want to include WA 25 past Mt. St. Helens, one way, but Weather will factor into my preferred route.

Do you have suggestions?


I tried my hand (ok, wasted some time) trying to make a map on Google - and shared it publicly on google+. Hopefully others can see it by finding me (Guy Rodrigue) there.
At a minimum, I want to make 3 days riding: Steveson area (via Carson) in about 750km for the first night, then about the same distance to Crescent city or maybe as far as Willow Creek, depending on time temperature and temperment.
Next day mostly take the 1 right through San Fransisco to Salinas or that neighborhood.

I have 2 weeks off and pretty new tires, so if some others want join me and spend more time exploring I'm good with that.


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guy, I'm putting some thought into this, and my kLr should be a close match to your Aprilia for the ride. (if I only have to stop once in your every third gas stop) Camping all the way?


I'll be taking the tent and motelling if it is too wet.
I'll gear the aprilia down to give the klr a chance.

Also I'll be growing out my hair to avoid any mixups with my evil twin at the border.


think I can find that HID H4 headlight I bought?? Dagmagit!
Might as well wait until l have another look around in daylight. I'll be dodging rain if I leave early anyways, and that will give me time to clean the local LCB out of Red Eye Rye Lager, marked down for some unknown reason. This is an amazing collaboration of 49th parallel and Ninkasi breweries that they are blowing out.
There should be lots of time to get to Salinas by Friday, leaving later Monday or even Tuesday morning. Might even be another adventurer by then!

Me thinks I procrastinate!


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the weather report for wagontire oregon for saturday is 20degrees and sunny, unfortunatly for us its wed. and there's three inches of snow on the ground and its barely above freezing!! so the trip to sunny california is not for girly boys, perfect, as we do not qualify, day one rained all day ending in ellensburg day two wet all day but somehow dodged the rain (mostly) ending in john day oregon, and today, the whole enchilada, started in pouring rain which turned to snow to hail etcetera etcetera, sfa, anybody can ride on sunny days. perhaps we should've listened to tom who suggested a bee line to and past portland, but we headed to the dry side of the mountains and found rain and lots of it. fk! the upside is that the west coast line was allll wet as well, as they say shite happens. stopped in ellensburg on night 1 in the sparsely appointed motel 6 and out for our free nacho grande at the palace resteraunt and a double order of fish tacos (and an sum total of three pichers of cerveza), with twisty roads being the mission we followed the 218 etc. thru to john day, 144 turns on the road way fun though wet great road ending the day in john day. yup today was special, started in pouring rain which only got worse, yup real live snow and as we are travelling with an aprillia with the bladder capacity of a nun we have to gas up every two hours and today that was at the three years closed gas station in the population 3, town(?) of wagontire, luckily there was a grisled old timer ther who was willing to sell Guy two gallons of gas for 20 bucks! so we carried on thru the puny snow flakes and on thru the hail to lakeview for an amazing lunch, then carried on thru to here in waverville where we had the most unbelievable mexi din er and beers at the gas station! a truly awesome chile relleno. ok it was sunny at the end of the day, as we passed thru redding I opened no less than five zippers to free up my neck to let in the warm california air!! tomorrow on towards laguna seca via san fran and more twisty roads. pics to follow when a real computor appears, hasta luego.


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Hope the weather get better for you guys. Looks like cool riding temperatures long into Cali. Keep the electric vests on for another day.

FYI its 26C in Gonzaga Bay today



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no rain gear today, and the vest is put away at least for now. ended the day in fort bragg after a day full of twisted roads, which were a bunch of fun once the fat head i wome up with got better(tooo any pale ales) its sure nice to see the blue sky again! off down the coast and thru san fransisco to the track and it looks like it will be sunny , wahoo!


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brilliant twisted ride down the coast and on thru to seaside and the legendary laguna seca racetrack. after getting a deal at the shell station for tickets we were off to set up camp at what was perhaps the best camp spot on site, and we found that after dark, complete sh house luck, perched over turn 11 and a great view of most of the track and a good view of the exit from the legendary corkscrew. spent two days there and no off we've gone along the twistedroad hwy70 up to quincy california where we just ate the best meal of the trip, fish tacos, nachos with good stuff on it way healthy and very tasty!!
looke lime rain ahead for tomorrow so hasta luego to the sunshine, buggah! more later wayne


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lucky for us i was wrong bout the weather, today was awesome clear blue vistas everywhere. headed more west than north today, and at one point on my gps we were only about 4 miles from the nearest main road and it took us close to half an hour to get there, at the time we were on state road 60 which is a paved mtn. trail (as listed in the butler road book) and it was as twisted as the other night abound the fire at laguna seca, but i digress, what happens at laguna,,, the forest service here has had serious cutbacks just two days ago and some (all?) of the nat. parks are closed and the rangers are pissed (understandably) and so were ripped of of a trip thru lassen volcanic st. park and while i pla ned on evading the closed gate we were told the irate ranger was ticketing that move, bummer. guys mission statement was to ride twisty roads to laguna and back and so far its been awesome, by the time we get back we will have more that doubled the distance required to do the trip in a boring fashion. ans its still sunny, so far.


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wahoo! thanks guy for dreaming up this ride, thanks steve for the whee-strom loaner bike, over 6000k and almost none of it on interstate hwys, twisted roads galore. I'm home now perhaps a photo ride report to follow. what a terrific ride!


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riding day 1, left the big smoke of Vancouver (surrey) in the early afternoon and promptly ran into rain so we crossed over to the 'dry' side of the mtns. and on to Ellensburg, where the rain stopped long enough to take a short walk downtown for dinner while everything (including my "waterproof" alpine stars) was spread all over the room to dry.
Pic. 1 is in the morning of day 2 looking good so far.

stopped for road work, so a pic of the mtns west of Ellensburg in the sun seemed like a good idea.

as the day deteriorated we were riding on roads that were as if just absolutely poured on though we didn't get rained on (with many layers and rain gear on), we stopped in Antelope to see if the road ahead went thru to a nearby town that had gas as the aprillia needs gas every 2 hours (true), a happy thumbs up Guy on hearing the next town has go juice!

we ended the day in John Day in the rain, just below snow level, uh oh.
Day3 started fully geared up and waterproof as it was raining out again, which was perhaps better that the snow we ran into soon after leaving town and up into the twisty pass above town. The rain stopped after awhile but it was really cold and we mistakenly broke rule #1 in Baja, which is NEVER pass a gas station. As the reality of not making it to Lakeside set in we landed in Wagontire Pop. 3, and two of them had left. This pic. was taken before Guy paid 20bucks for two gallons of gas from the old timer living in the trailer in the background, who didn't answer the knock at the door but came outside awhile later.

no I think the hazard is lower than that.

it seems the not actually there Wagontire International Airport would be hovering at just over 4700 feet, if it were there, and fogetabout staying at that Motel.
Saw these sculptures along the way to lakeview.

Yes we have gas, rather I have gas, Guy has gas just barely.

After arriving in Lakeview for lunch the day had turned good and just got better'n better until we were in full on sun and warmish weather. Ended the day in beautiful downtown Weaverville and had a surprisingly good Mexican meal and good beers at a gas station.

day4 started with a clear blue sunny sky and warm finally. Rode thru twisted roads all day out to the California coast and to the town of Fort Bragg. pics from one of the coastal roads, yes slow to 10!

nice views along the way.

a home with a view.

day 5 and on thru San Fransisco to Salinas and laguna Seca,

where we arrived to a bit of a cluster f with the cheap day pass we had bought for Sat., we had planned on 1 day at the track and 1 night camped but noo, you must have a 2 day pass and buy three nights of camping, so back to the shell station to buy another day pass (at a substantial savings) then back to the track and get set up to camp, in the dark ugg! Turns out we ended up at must certainly have been the best camp spot on the entire premises, pitched the tents in a hollow out of the wind that also cleanly sat below a ridge that completely blocked all the ambient track light making a dark star filled sky to sleep under.

the panorama shot is lousy but it shows the view we had, the tents are 20 feet behind over my right shoulder. below and right is the turn 11 hairpin, front and left is the 120mph exit from the "corkscrew", which is visible to the left (in reality, not in the picture)

a better shot more of the reality of the view where we were set up. The legendary for Laguna corkscrew is directly in the background past that motorhome near the center of the pic.

A parting shot for today, Guy, Ric and Matt perched on the hill looking over the track, perhaps Rick should've got out of the chair and eaten some food during the long day of beer in the sun, unfortunately he didn't. Ric races a vintage Laverda and a Mike Dunhill Ducati at various tracks across the country, but he will spend most of the next day in his station wagon with the engine running and the air cond. turned on, ouch. The return trip home in the next post.
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