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  • LSDS 2017 Donations

    Many of you donated your Loose Screw 2017 entry fee to help with the BC Wildfire efforts. Because of your charity, the Loose Screw donated over $5400 to the Kamloops Food Bank, Red Cross BC Wildfire Appeal, and the FourPaws animal food bank. This is a significant donation of which we should all be proud.

    A few of our sponsors have stepped up to thank you for your donation. Many thanks to Rekluse/Mongoose Machine and also Voss Helmets. For those who donated their entry fee:
    1. Voss helmets has donated a 601 D2 Dual Sport helmet to one lucky winner. Voss is a lower mainland helmet manufacturer with some very cool designs. We will have a random draw and will inform the winner shortly. The D2 helmet is shown here.
    2. Voss has also provided a 20% discount toward a helmet purchase over the next few months.
    3. We have four 50% discount GCs for Rekluse products from Mongoose Machine. We will also have a draw for the Rekluse items.
    Those who donated their entry fee should look for an email describing how to claim these gifts.


    We'll see you next year.
    2017 Riders that Donated the Entry Fees # Last Name First Name
    Donate 16 Dotinga Chris
    Donate 17 Kingma Matthew
    Donate 3 Barnard Christopher
    Donate 4 Walker Andrew
    Donate 5 Geismar Jean Luc
    Donate 6 Enns Bryon
    Donate 7 Noel Craig
    Donate 13 Gray Mark
    Donate 14 Derksen Colin
    Donate 20 Duthie Alistar
    Donate 23 Lunt Darren
    Donate 25 Winter Logan
    Donate 27 Schiewe Todd
    Donate 28 Howard Grant
    Donate 29 Howard Patrick
    Donate 30 Howard Scott
    Donate 31 Berg Todd
    Donate 32 Franz Eckhart
    Donate 33 Franz Clayton
    Donate 34 Lunt Dean
    Donate 37 Bowles Tim
    Donate 39 Danyluk Shawn
    Donate 40 Merritt Todd
    Donate 41 Merritt R.D.
    Donate 44 Norgren Mark
    Donate 46 Henning Mark
    Donate 47 Neufeldt Randy
    Donate 48 Bowes Greg
    Donate 53 Wyndham John
    Donate 54 Young Allen
    Donate 59 Ramsden Michael
    Donate 63 Ferguson Ken
    Donate 68 VanLeeuwen John
    Donate 81 Rood Ian
    Donate 83 Lemmen Jennifer
    Donate 86 Jones Ralph
    Donate 87 Gogo Dan
    Donate 89 Hamm Jackie
    Donate 90 Hamm Randy
    Donate 92 Cohen Mark
    Donate 93 Wood Owen
    Donate 110 Jeffrey Andrew
    Donate 113 Porter Tim
    Donate 114 Overhoff Mike
    Donate 117 Lackey Kevin
    Donate 121 Pettit Brad
    Donate 132 Muglich Robin
    Donate 133 Doddington Shaun
    Donate 137 Livingston Dave
    Donate 147 Carpentier Scott
    Donate 156 Petersen Seth
    Donate 158 Nauss Michael
    Donate 161 Bryant Andrea
    Donate 163 Jeffrey Gregor
    Donate 165 Brama Daniel
    Donate 62 Farkas Al
    Donate 119 Pearson Chris
    Donate 127 Kozubski Brad
    Donate 128 Kozubski Ryan
    Donate 21 Huska Pat
    Donate 67 Broad Steve
    Donate 49 Van Zijtveld Ben
    Donate 76 Johnston Vaughn
    Donate 104 Dunn Kerry
    Donate 160 Jensen Teresa
    Donate 15 Friesen Peter
    Donate 24 Winter Axel
    Donate 82 McRae Brodie
    Donate 116 Younger Jim
    Donate 74 Kraski Steve
    Donate 42 Brennan Kevin
    Donate 111 MacDonald Bill
    Donate 8 Coupe Jacob
    Donate 9 Christie Alexander
    Donate 10 Kapelari Jarred
    Donate 43 Brennan Blaine
    Donate 1 Tourand Tom
    Donate 22 Paley Chris
    Donate 101 Nicholson Paul
    Donate 91 Spence Wayne
    Donate 36 Holmes Allan
    Donate 45 Walker Shawn
    Donate 35 Hilberry Steve
    Donate 61 Hilberry Zac
    Donate 79 Brundage Jaymie
    Donate 80 Walker Richie
    Donate 118 Bishop Ray
    Donate 131 Welch Richard
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    Wow, the DSBC riders never cease to amaze me, you guys and gals should give yourself a pat on the back.

    Will see you all next year


    Tom Timmerman
    Past President DSBC


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      thanks to all in our riding community that were to attend lsds 2017! and thanks for what is a tremendous contribution to other groups in time of need. Really fantastic.
      a smart man only believes half of what he hears, a wise man knows which half.


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        This would be a great story to get to the media!
        you know-once your over the hill,you tend to pick up speed!


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          Have the raffles taken place yet? If so who were the lucky donators?


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            Yes, it is time to get these draws done. I'm on it.

            The winner of the Voss Dualsport helmet is Dean Lunt. Email has been sent to Dean.

            A big thanks to Voss Helmets for their generosity. Please visit Voss Helmets to see their line of helmet.
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              Rekluse Draw

              The draw for four Rekluse 50% discount gift certificates has been completed. The winners have been notified by email. A big thank you to Mongoose Machine for supplying these GCs.



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                A big thank you to everyone who donated their 2017 entry fees and many thanks to Rekluse/Mongoose Machine and also Voss Helmets.

                Now get out and ride!
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