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yo gordo, i vaguely remember you n i cohorting to start the reids gloves thread, do you happen to remember how we covered out tracks as in where/when was the thread actually started?
I am from California, and traveling through BC with my KTM dual sport 350. (towing it). I’ll be around Terrace about 9/17. If you would like to ride with me, that would be great.
I’m pretty competent (been riding 55 years), and prepared. I’m particularly interested in Telkwa Pass.
Let me know if you’re down. I’ll firm up the date as it gets closer.
ATTENTION - MidIsland Riders - THURSDAY Nite Coffee & Bench Racing - MOVED to Country Club STARBucks on TERMINAL As of August 10th - Same Time 1900 - Previous Locale NOW Closing at 1800 - Cheers HDR
Hey folks new to dsbc .looking at west coast ride long beach off road hills? this coming week.not sure how many island members there are.