2023 DSBC Membership

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 DualSportBC 2023 Membership

Only $40.00 Canadian Dollars of course

  • Voting member of the DSBC society and have the opportunity to shape our future

  • Keeps forum open and free

  • Threads and Topics only open to members

  • Substantial discount at all Lordco's

  • Discounts on DSBC Events

  • Cool pile of swag includes but is not limited to,

  • DSBC keychain

  • Reflective Swing Arm Decal,

  • Mini DSBC decal (for your car if you ever take that out)

  • DSBC membership card

  • Private Messaging on the forum

  • For Sale section

  • Government lobby input & consultation

  • Belong and support the oldest biggest DualSport and Adventure Rider Club in British Columbia



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You will be brought to the paypal site for payment and be provided several option for payment

The Volunteers as DSBC Thank You



Only $40.00 ***********
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    Apr 18, 2020
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