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2021 Membership

DualSportBC.com officially started in 2003, unofficially we had a MSN group that started in 2001 by two Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club Members, Tom Timmerman and Ted Blow, who were looking for a better way to communicate with those who shared their passion for off road riding and dual sport adventures. Both are still very active in the motorcycling community. Better known as DSBC, the site was and continues to be a place for motorcyclists to communicate, plan and share everything motorcycle related in British Columbia and beyond.

DSBC is open to all who want to participate and completely operated by volunteers. DSBC promotes membership, but does not require membership to participate in the Forum or Facebook group. However it still takes cash to operate. Things like Web hosting, Forum Software and Tech Support. Not one of DSBC Volunteers take any cash out for their work, but DSBC does offer to pay of out of pocket costs for these volunteers.

DSBC has stood the test of time here on the great internet, starting pre 2003 and we are still here. The future is uncertain for many clubs and to compete or integrate with other social media platforms usually requires specialized skills or software, neither come free of cost.

DSBC is involved in many aspects of the off road community, including but not limited to British Columbia Off Road Motorcycle Association (BCORMA), Chilliwack Recreation Advisory Group and Tamihi Trails. Again all volunteers.

DSBC 2021 Membership

The Benefits of a DSBC Membership
And there are a few, I will list some with no order of importance
  • You will become a member of a great group of people that ride where you ride
  • You will be a voting member of the DSBC society and have the opportunity to shape our future
  • Your membership will help keep this forum open and free
  • Membership will have a few additional Threads and Topics only open to members
  • Membership will get you discounts on DSBC Events
  • DSBC members get a substantial discount at all Lordco's
  • Members get a cool pile of swag the includes but is not limited to, the coveted DSBC keychain, Reflective Swing Arm Decal, a mini DSBC decal (for your car if you ever take that out) DSBC card
  • Members will get access to Private Messaging on the forum
  • Members will have access to the For Sale section
  • Constant updates of what's going on with government and our riding areas (or restriction thereof )