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  • Dzee dual sport sign up

    September 3 Update

    To date we have only had mild interest in participation this upcoming weekend, that's OK as this is something we have never tried before and the super short notice. The ride is still a go but with a few changes.

    No need to sign up as the group should be pretty small, but I would prefer that you do as then you will get updates on next years DZee Ride.

    There will NOT be an Adventure Route, seems everyone wants a challenge, so Saturday will be a Dual Sport Route which will include some pretty challenging stuff if you are riding a 650cc+ bike. If you do show up on a big Adventure bike we will figure a way around the super hard parts (we know the area pretty good) but you will have to bring your A game. In short Saturdays ride will be decided by the riders that show up.

    Sunday will be a Dual Sport Enduro Route. Lost of everything including single track. Not for big bikes, be sure to check the Route Descriptions with this link
    for the Dual Sport bikes you guys can always do the Saturday route again as it will take you to Cornwall Hills and back or tag along to see how hard the DSE Route gets.

    If you have a GPS please bring it as we would like to discuss how it can be used and its operation for such an event.

    You can make this a long day ride and join in for one day or bring your tent and camp or get a motel room and stay the weekend

    We will be leaving at 9am each day for the ride from the Acacia Grove Motel
    Bring your own food or
    there is a restaurant and a pub in Spence's Bridge so if you have cash you will not go hungry or thirsty
    The Packing House good food
    Log Cabin Pub

    Some of us will be staying at the Acacia Grove Motel we will be easy to find as you enter the Motel Property, if we are not around you can ask the Motel owners where we are located.

    Weekend Weather looks promising for great dual sport riding and the summer is coming to a close very soon here in the interior mountains

    WEATHER REPORT for the weekend Lytton
    Mainly cloudy
    26 °

    Chance of a shower
    24 °

    Only 25 riders total

    Make sure your membership is up to date as before submitting me your request this will be the first hing I will be checking
    Got to update your membership click here

    If you can agree to the above please pm me tomcycle your information

    DSBC UserName
    Route or Routes (Adventure, Adventure Hard, Sunday Single Track)

    Once I have your request you will be invited to a GROUP on the DSBC site where you will find even more information (intended for invites only) You will have to check your message box

    I will return your request by pm asap,

    Tom Timmerman
    Past President DSBC

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    UPDATED September 3 2019
    Tom Timmerman
    Past President DSBC


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      Got locked into another ride but keen on the concept. Best of luck on the weekend and may see you out there


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        25 riders - not bad for such a last minute event Tom!


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          Originally posted by LordEndo View Post
          25 riders - not bad for such a last minute event Tom!
          No we did not have 25 riders, this number will be for the final event when/if it happens we did have 6 riders for our day and that was a great number for what we needed to do, got everything done I was hoping for. Flushed out lots of issues on this rally thing. Its gonna be fun though
          Tom Timmerman
          Past President DSBC