Tomcycles 2006 Husqvarna TE450 New to him 2019

This year I bought a used Husky 2006 TE450 as a stopgap solution till I decide what I want to ride next. I bought the bike from a DSBC member )who still is a good friend) for 3500 Canadian Pesos. the bike came with lots of good extra stuff. Now that I have been riding this bike for a couple thousand Kms it turn out I really like this bike. I am thinking about changing my type of riding to a little more Dual Sport / Enduro, rather than all single track all the time. I am going to try this Blog thing again as I build up this bike to be an off road Rally style bike. I know we dont have much in the way of off road motorcycle rallies here in BC, but I think we can change that in short order. Anyhow I am doing this more for myself and a record of the bike and my adventures over the next year and a half (when it will be time to decide on a new bike). I also hope to show those out there not sure if they want to ride a dual sport, what they can do on a tight budget. I hope some of you will stick around and e