120/80-18 rear 50/50 tire. Yes, it was made in China. yes, it's not an expensive tire. yes, it'll make for an inexpensive riding season.


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Imported from the Copper Canyons of Mexico. This tire might be perfect for your mid/smaller displacement bike. This well travelled but unused tire has beefy lugs and is ready to gnaw away at the trails. buy it!

carries very well aside your regular luggage, going on a big trip, buy it as a spare as we did.


this tire has already seem some amazing sights.


second time trying to find this tire a new home as the last "Dutch Auction" went over like a lead fart!, guessing it required too much attention in a Fbook world. No auction this time, just make an offer for it, then come get it or arrange delivery. (which should be super easy using social media haha).

thx fer looking.
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I'm a little confused, a quick look at fortnine prices showed you'd be very hardpressed to buy ANY rear tire for many multiples of what is wanted for this one. So far 63 peoples have taken a look at this post, yet there's not a sniff of interest. Perhaps to sweeten this too good to be true deal, I can throw in the Hong Fortune tire that i purchased for my KLR a few years ago while in Mexico, it also is unused and a little small for a KLR.
Or just whip out the gold card and buy a "brand name" tire.

thx fer lookin


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Details matter - tell us how much you want for it, what exact size and brand it is (some of us know South American / Chinese brands), and MODEL, WHERE it is - in other words how much aggro is it for me to get my hands on it, and HOW MUCH.
Tip: We're lazy, don't make us work for something we know nothing about and could quite possibly care less about it.
For instance this is perfect:
- $10 NEW 120/90-18 Cheng Shin SuperTire in Abbotsford
THAT I can understand in a second. And I am, or am not, interested. Done.
Hope that helps!


It's probably the shipping that's the stopper.
Hopefully someone local to you will spot it.
Picture/size of the Hong Fortune might rustle up more interest?