2018 flat tires.....


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I'm already thinking about the flat tire socials for 2018....

Last year's at Mission Springs was quite successful - I think we'll do that location again. I also want to organize one in Kamloops and some other areas as well - Prince George? Island?

For each of these we need people who'd like to share something. As an example, last year in Mission there were two people showing tire changing technique (trail side), a GPS use demonstration, discussion about DSBC membership and use of different tools such as what3words for GPS coordinates and then we wrapped it up with Radek's video of his Baja 1000 run.

Anyone who has an idea / suggestion / or would like to present a topic, please either PM me or bring it up here so I can start working on it. An idea that I'm looking into is either incorporating the John Penton story movie into one of the events or running a separate film screening.


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Kamloops area.
It might be interesting to do something for the "non affiliated" dual sport riders in Kamloops? What I mean is the riders who buy dual sport bikes but don't belong to any of the local clubs.

We need a location, perhaps one of the dealers? or pubs.

Sunday morning is always good

Keep it simple ie flat tire repair and simple maintenance. chains brakes bearings.

Count me in



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I'll be available to help and sell DSBC memberships at the FTS here in the lower mainland and in Kamloops.