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The story so far:

I recently purchased an 890 Adventure from a well know KTM dealer in Vancouver; and ran it in as per instructions; babied it for the first 1000 km and put the bike in for its first service. A technician noticed my taillight was out and said they would check on it during the service. A fuse was replaced; service complete and I was on my way. 10 minutes riding on the highway and the front screen went out, as did all the electronic....no idea what speed I went through an RCMP radar trap on; I turned the bike around and went back to the Service shop........And that’s where the bike remains to this day, and that’s where it will sit for the next 2 months or so. After some extended diagnostics it was found that the rear tail light assembly was the culprit and kept blowing fuses. Now comes the really good news, it’s not a major issue; the taillight assembly is getting replaced under warranty; what sucks is the part is on back order until the end of July!

The Dealership was sympathetic and surprised that this fault had occurred as it’s never happened to any of the other brand new bikes they sold. It’s my problem and messed up my plans to ride north this summer.......buyer beware.


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Isn't that what happened to the one that Brett Tkacs had? I recall he posted a video about the screen blacking out and I think it was traced to the rear light, but I might be wrong. He has posted videos of the problems he had on his YT channel.


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I love the design, the look, the specs, and how they integrated the fuel down low for both weight and protection - sooo cool! But have heard so many complaints about reliability. Sorry to hear of your troubles - nobody deserves that on a new bike of any brand.


That sucks. I didnt have that issue on my 790 or 890, nor have I heard about it, but can tell you that KTM quality has slipped significantly across the product line in recent years. I'd ask the dealer if they're willing to pull the part from another one of their 890s, who can then take it up with KTM, win your admiration, and be assured that you'd then sing their praises far and wide.