Advice for using the FOR SALE section


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There are a couple of things you should do if you want to have an successful ad

This section is not strictly moderated and as such we can not offer any help in posting your ad

Put a good ad somewhere like Kijiji, Craigslist, FB Marketplace or other on line publication
These sites are great for uploading photos and prompting you to put in all the right information
you will have one place where everyone is looking at your ad (makes life EZ)

Get the link for your ad, copy it and paste it into your ad here

Make sure your Topic or Title is clear
Tell us what your are selling

If you have a little something more to say about your ad (ie 10% discount for DSBC) you can put that into the body of your ad

Your ad and its link will be posted to the DSBC Face Book page (near future)

If you want your post to show up on the DSBC Private FB Group? Just create your For Sale post, POST, then hit the SHARE button on the left and follow the prompts.