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Beta Days - Squamish BC May 26 2018


Ride the full 2018 line up of XTrainer, RR, RR RACE and RR-S enduro range plus one trial model from Betamotor. Hi-Performance Off-Road Motorcycles Made in Italy - Since 1905
NEW 125RR!!

On-Site Registration: 10:00AM (waiver signing required)
First Ride: 10:30 AM
Last Ride: 3 PM
LOCATION: Cheekye Forest Service Rd., Cat Lake, Squamish, B.C.

MUST HAVE, APPROVED HELMET, RIDING BOOTS, RIDING OUTFIT (NO LOOSE CLOTHING), RIDING GLOVES, It is recommended to have all other protective gear as well)

Participants are not permitted to operate their own motorcycle on the BETA DAYS closed course



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