Bushpig Performance.com - A new Canadian shop based in Vancouver!

Hi fellow DSBC members!
We want to introduce ourselves to the local riding community through here as well!
You may already be familiar with the term "bushpig," a nickname affectionately given to larger dual-sport models that are inexpensive, durable, and easy-to-fix bikes.

  • Who We Are and What We Do
We're a couple of riders that met riding the beautiful BC backcountry. Our mutual passion for riding our bushpigs became immediately apparent—tinkering and modifying them to suit our own particular needs.
BushpigPerformance.com is a new Canadian online store and resource center dedicated to the DR650, DR-Z400, XR650, KLR650 and Ténéré 700 models.

Based in Vancouver, BC, we aim to offer great value on products with well-designed kits to minimize your sourcing time and frustration.
We "soft-launched" the online shop in December 2020 with a handful of products and to date, our primary communications channel is on Instagram and Facebook with great feedback from our local riding community!
Now, we are continuously adding installation guides, how-to's, tips, and essential maintenance posts in the blog section called: "Technical Resources.


Offering free worldwide shipping for orders over $199CDN and reasonable flat rate shipping fees within Canada, the US and worldwide, we have already shipped packages to as far away as New Zealand, the UK, Switzerland, many parts of the US and of course, all over Canada
In addition, some of our smaller items enjoy free shipping worldwide on their own or a low fee slow mail option.

As the new kid on the block, we see the need for an online store with more complete resources for new riders and to help those not technically inclined. So we are building our carefully considered offering, and we plan to provide more useful parts and kits as we grow.

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  • Our Birth Story
Ever since we looked into getting specialized parts for our beloved bikes, we noticed the lack of options here in the North...
Of course, we have FortNine, but they don't carry all the little bits we need for our bikes. We resorted to costly options importing parts from the US.
That means ordering from mega-sized vendors or niche stores. However, the shipping costs are prohibitive.
Add duties, brokerage fees, govt fees, and local taxes, and you have an expensive and frustrating shopping experience.

  • We aim to fill the space that lacks a specialized store for adventure riders here in Canada, specifically for the classic models. That's why we started BushpigPerformance.com

Our goal is to provide riders with the gear and info they need for their adventures. As an engineer and rider, Alex, and a fellow tinkerer and newbie rider, Aftaab, we design and develop parts and complete kits for maintenance or upgrades for these bikes.

We try to provide parts at a fair price and supply you with all the information you need to do the job yourself, even if you are new to motorcycle mechanics.
We stand behind the products we offer. We aim to bring you the best value in the market for our fellow Canadians.

Check our "In the Works" section to get a deal on pre-sales for unique parts designed with your input in the development process.
This helps us develop a wider offer for specialized parts on our pigs.


Feel free to get in touch here and on social media:

We look forward to your questions, feedback, and especially pictures of your bike in the wild if you are already part of the Bushpig family.

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We offer our heartfelt thanks to our early supporters.
In addition, we'd like to provide you with free shipping worldwide for your first order over $99CDN (instead of $199) until the end of the year.

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Stay safe out there, and #gofargetdirty!
Team BP!