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Does anybody have a KTM 690 Enduro R?


I am looking to purchase the KTM 690 Enduro R. I have never ridden this bike before or even sat on one and was wondering if anybody has this same bike, and if so would it possible to have a sit on it to see if this particular bike is for me.

Thanks in advance,


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sure, i'm downtown Kamloops... c'mon over. Or you can go to a katoom dealer and they'll let you sit on one, where you will find it's not the bike for the inseam challenged tho it can be lowered (bah! nonsense!) being flatfooted at a stop is highly overrated and quite unnecessary.
Very interesting bike. Some don't like it all and some think it's the best bike ever, and they may be right! In the 12 thou km's put on mine since late march this year, my thoughts are that it's an amazing ride. Gobs of power, the riders edge tuned suspension is plush and very stable bike at any speed! and capable of carrying a load with little change to the ride. The new 690 has even more power and is less buzzy though personally mine is no more buzzy than a klr yet with (almost) double the power. As a dirt bike the, designed to dominate the Dakar, bike has one main difference when compared to say a 525 in that lofting the front over downed trees is a bit of a challenge due to the tendency to spin the rear rather than lofting the front up and over, a minor detail besides who doesn't love spinning the tire! It weighs more than hundreds of pounds less than your GS, turns tighter, climbs better, stops better, and will likely beat it in a drag race well up to silly speeds, and you will lose forever that fear of knocking off a cylinder. The only time you may miss the big lump of Beemer may be on a long boring stretch's of slab that go on for a 1000km. Read here recently that inmate Offworder has parted with his in leiu of a 790, surely a move he'd like to rescind as the 690 in my house will spank a 790 anywhere, anyday! And it's stablemate 990 isn't going anywhere soon, other than for a ride!
fwiw, There's my far more than .02c worth,

here at Spoolmak lk. sans luggage,


and con luggage.

P1290852 (2).JPG
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@04klr - I've had my share of 690s, and yes they're awesome. (I'm actually the antagonist in this story, and have been pushing @Reza to check out a 690 ;)). As with anything there are compromises, but the 690 is the closest thing to one bike that might be able to just do it all (save for the extreme ends of the spectrum; nasty technical gnar, and endlessly long and boring stretches of tarmac).