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Sorry I'm not following you? The bike is already plated and ready to be insured by who ever buys it. My bike was an 09 and I never had any issues with the police. You would be in the same boat as probably half the people on this forum board who have RUM bikes. Just don't give anyone a reason to send you for an inspection. Getting hit or hitting someone would have nothing to do with it and that's why the bike is insured. Plus the 09 is about 5 grand cheaper then a new DOT Berg but hey each to there own.


Northern, From what I understand, if the bike is plated and insured it would be covered if an accident were to occur.

However, if you were stopped and an inspection was ordered, it may not pass and your plate may be canceled from that point onward. So, there is a risk, (as I understand it from reading a ton on this subject) but it lies with being able to continue to license and insure the bike on an ongoing basis.

Personally, I would do whatever it took to avoid catching the ire of the officials who are empowered to order such an inspection. If the RUM motorbike is $5k cheaper, then that is maybe worth the risk, all other things being equal??

Tempting, isn't it!
BTW, I understand the wifey-getting-the-KLX part, we looked at those, but she decided that a lower-seat XT250 would be better, especially for off-road. The XT is fine and she feels like she has better control when her feet are so much closer to the ground.

Have fun with your decision!
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I think northernwoods is wise to err on the side of caution and get only a bike with "type MC" on that crucial sticker. :Stir

Just does away with the chance, however slight it might seem to some, of losing the plate if ever sent for inspection.


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Yes but at that price even if his plate was taken away, he could sell the bike as just a dirt bike and not really loose any money. But hey to each his own, I would take the 5k I saved and worry about it "IF" I was ever given an inspection notice down the road.


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Just joining in here all...I'm originally from Hope, but been living in NZ since a teenager. Got a 2012 FE570 here, well kitted out, and just picked up a cheap 450FX (will be my south island bike). I came home to ride annually until that bastard Rona, but that bike is my RTW reliable g650x challenge. Hopefully I can come back next year and ride safely, but until then greetings berg bros from the top of the world ;) DSC_2876 (800x450).jpg