Final Pre-Ride Weekend Sat April 21, Sun April 22,2018 rWr


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This will be the final week-end we have to finish up the details and give the trails some final TLC. If we want to use the most excellent sno-250 trail we going to have to give it some extra loving. We need to do some dead fall clearing and there is a small slide that might be a safety concern, we'll have to take a look at that.
Tamihi Staging 09:00


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Be there Sat 9 ish
Will see if I can make you finish the job in one day :)

Sun doesn't go down until 7:30 pm ish

Did you receive the memo?
We got rid of the union

Apparently Union make the best guys goes away and the bad to stick... lets see how that turn


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I will come down for the weekend. so I am in for both days.

I dont need to bring rain gear do I???? cause I could just lay around


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Was a great today. Lots of sunshine. Most of the trails are clear. A few could still use some loving. Tomorrow we're going to start arrowing. See you in the morning.