GOJO Hand Cleaner That Works!


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Most of us know about the GOJO product line and that's mostly the GOJO Orange

Here I am going to recommend the
GOJO® Scrubbing Towels
72 Count Bucket

I came across this little silver bucket of GOJO Scrubbing Towels while watching a YouTube Channel "Bus Grease Monkey" The title of his channel kinda tells it all but this guy works on old Greyhound Silver Side Buses, these are vintage buses with the Detroit 2 Stroke Diesels. These engines have been known as the "Detroit Drooler". Anyhow this guy works on these old buses and gets just black with the carbon filled oil that these old buses cover themselves with. I watched this guy clean both his arms and hands (he does not use gloves) when there was no skin showing, just black. He used just one of these towels and he was clean enough to actually let him touch something that was not dirty.

I was sold and bought a small tub of these while on the road last year. All I can say is WOW. I work on my own stuff, including my Motor home with a big Cummins 8.3L diesel. Most of the time I get started on a job and forget to put on gloves, and I get really dirty. No mater how dirty my hands get I only need one towel to clean up to enter the house.

I have been very impressed and if you hate entering your house with dirty hands I am sure you will be impressed too.

I take a couple of these and put them into a zip lock bag for travel. You know how dirty you get when you change a flat tire on the trail?

Just look at these hands under controlled conditions and he started with gloves on.

Just thought I would share some information about hand cleaner that really works