GVMC New Years Day Run 2020


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Event Name: GVMC New Years Day Run
Location: GVMC Clubhouse - #306 - 192nd Street Surrey
Contact: Mike Cassidy
Contact Phone: 604)764-1003
Contact Email: [email protected]
Event Date: Wednesday, January 1, 2020

History of the New Year's Day
This event has been a tradition for the hardcore (and the hung over) for about 30 years. What better way to bring in the New Year, and show your commitment to the sport!

Due to the variable weather, the event is usually fairly short road ride, starting and ending at the clubhouse. Hot drinks and food are always served. Previous events have included dirt bikes running trailer plates in the snow; riders with “Happy New Year” party hats taped onto their helmets and blowing noisemakers; and a sidecar rig needing a push to get up the icy hill in back of the old clubhouse.

When the weather is fair, there are usually 20 or more riders. Dual sport bikes predominate when the roads turn to slush or were recently salted. Whatever the turnout, it is always a good time.

GVMC New Year's Day Run Monday January 1, 2020.

Mark this date on your Calendar for a great way to start the New Year!


Looking west from chilliwack weather was great.
got meet some fellow riders...and some club house.
thanks for the great day...
great day I said.


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