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Hello all


New member
Hello I’m Frank from Virginia, I have a 2010 Kawasaki klx250. I got this bike on a deal and am starting to think not such a good deal,lol.
it’s hard getting something that has been tinkered with and trying to figure out what’s been done and what needs to be done to get it in a have fun condition instead of needing therapy after spending some time with it condition.
I decided to look up some forums and see what answers people have come up with instead of learning everything the hard way. Hope to learn from you guys and gals!


New member
Welcome Frank! How’s winter riding in Virginia? Sorry to hear about your deal, but you’re right there should be someone here that knows those bikes!


New member
Ah, previous owner syndrome. Sorry to hear that is the case with your new-to-you bike. Yeah, not the best part of buying used. Hopefully some more mechanically minded folk around here can help you out. The KLX is popular, so that's in your favour.


New member
I can’t complain about the winter so far, we just started getting some snow and ice within last few weeks. My sons do some riding when it’s so cold out, me not so much. The heater don’t work on the klx either! Lol