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Jan 16, 2021, Trail cleanup - Tamihi


Staff member
Am thinking I'd like to get out and start the clean up the trails on the east side of Tamihi. Anyone care to join in, many hands make light work.
Ideally we'd get two or more teams of 5, (1 mule carries chainsaw, tools etc, 1 chainsaw guy, 3 cleaners) something like that.
Trails to clear - Skippy 2, Sherwood Forest, Woody's, Wynnona's, 45.
Finnigan's is clear, Railway from Finnigans to east side is clear.
Post up if you can make it. We'll definitely want to split into smaller teams to try and maintain social distancing.

Harley Sadlo

New member
Hi there. I am new to your group but would like to help if possible. When are you thinking? I have a chainsaw that can be put to work as well.


DSBC President / BCORMA Treasurer
Staff member
Typically show up by 9am, kickstand up at 9:30. Neil will confirm by Friday evening.


Staff member
I have a 12” power saw that fits on my bike if that’s of use? Or are we just walking in?
We are going to ride as much as possible so on your bike would be great. Not to say we won’t have to walk, if we have enough people sometimes one or two walk and the others, clean and hop motorcycles forward.