Loose Screw 2018 Pictures and Stories


Words fail me - the Loose Screw 2018 crew has outdone themselves - again! An epic event returns, with endless trails and a feast the likes of which the Loops has never seen!
Well done all! (while there were a few "episodes" :eek:) I nominate this years B loop as "Best B Ever" ! :clap:


Thank you Loose Screw Crew, you out did yourselves again with the event this year.

This was my 1st time on the B Loop after doing the C+ the last 2 times and I had a fantastic time completing the whole 155 kms.

This was also the 1st time I didn't take 1 picture or any video of this event. So sorry guys but I have nothing to contribute but my thanks.



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It was my first time at the Loose Screw and was amazed at the variety of trails that were strung together. I managed to finish the A course but I could barely stand up or pull in the clutch at the end. I got some footage of the ride but it will be a while before I have the time to edit it together


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The 2018 Loose Screw is now in the books and though we weren't cancelled by fire there was a wee bit of telltale smoke, and hail!

As just one of the many folks that put some of the what is a huge number of hours required to create, clear, flag, chart, upload, and prove the routes provided for this years ride, I'd like to give a big thanks to all that attended. An aggregate of many thousands of kms of riding is required to make the tracks what they are for you each year. Though my part was mostly in the roll chart proving category, the 1000k+km I was forced to ride was exactly a torture, "gee do I have to go riding all day again, well OK!"

The event weekend had no riding in store for myself as it was camp duty that was required so that is what my pictures include.

Thurday was appetizer night in the "pro zone" with tasty viddles and good company with a good view of the river and valley.


early in the evening along the river with not a train to be heard.


some of the Vancouver boys getting last minute directions from Gord.


though I didn't hear of any, I sure hope these guys didn't have any flats this year, as does Jim!


after a Friday full of dirt riding up to the Loops. These guys arrived at camp at the crack of around 9am sat morn. scarfed down some food and were off by 930ish headed for the "A" route with a ktm 690 in the pack. They arrived back ahead of dinner just in time to be first in line to allow an early 7pm departure, to then head off towards Cache Creek, offroad again. Only to ride via dirt back to the Big Smoke on Sunday, they are the very pic. of hardcore.


apologies to Tom Omasta who got chopped and channeled in this stitched panorama shot of the "all hands on deck" effort required to keep the tents on the ground when the late afternoon storms came in like a hurricane. I think it was four good rounds of storms that hit and thankfully quit just before cooking started.


#1 of 2 cooks, hard at it trying to make the better part of 200 steaks worth eating. Thx Reid.
The cooking of steaks at the loose screw is a, hop beverage addled blur of time. Playing a key part in this mayhem is Stu, the "Meat Man" the only one to actually touch the meat (you kids play safe now), who is in non-stop action running mounds of meat from the truck bed to the raging BBQ's. Well organized chaos might be a description. And for the first time ever in a dozen years (ok, missed1) the output of the grills outpaced the line of dirt-y bikers lined up for dinner.

And only one send back. (i think, it was all just a blur?)
And that oddly enuf, juuust may well have been by the owner of that truck, topped with a tent, maybe.


all the TV shows say food has to look good to taste good, lets hope. and such slabs of meat, wow!
and all served up in less than 45 mins.


keeping that frigging corn pot hot is no small feat, especially in the midst of literal waves of storms. Thanks to Ged and Tom for being adventurous and cooking the corn.
Thank-you Rogers Rentals (located on valleyview Dr, kamloops) for all the rentals. Now please spend some time thinking of a better corn pot set-up!!
Here is a template picture for you to work from, complete with the foil clad piece of plywood lid that Gord fabricated. While not the hot ticket surrounding a raging propane burner with combustibles in the middle of the dry season it is so very necessary or the pot would literally, never heat up.
And I wont start in on the perpetual pump issues.


Here's proof that dinner was, finger licking good!


Back from many world travels, "Reids Gloves" made an appearance, and after years of globetrotting have once again been united by their clearly elated owner. Hang on to them Reid lest they wander away again!
heh-heh. (dastardly sound).


well that's a small snipit of what I saw around the camp this year.
Again, big thanks to all that attended without you there is no event! Perhaps will see you all next year.

thx. Wayne (#2 cook)
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Here's a few more pictures from the event. It was a really good year (except for the storm), everyone was great, good attitudes, lots of help, good laughs. Thanks to everyone.

My favourite photo


I think this is Finn showing the way that hill should actually be done

One of several A/B creek crossings in the afternoon

Happy but tired?

This is one way to take on the 450 Hill


More happy...

Hopefully you didn't miss the awesome suspension clinic put on by Geoff at GPMoto.

My office just prior to one of the last flagging rides.