LSDS August 7, 8 and 9 2020 Kamloops


Ladies and Gents, it is with a heavy heart that I have to make it official, but the Loose Screw 2020 is not happening. We said that we would give it until June 1st to allow for some relaxation of the social distancing rules, but there simply has not been enough changes, or even a hope of the changes necessary to put on the event without violating the orders of our provincial heath officer. As off road motorcycle riders, we are already scrutinized a little more heavily, so our actions must not leave any room for criticism. We could not justify a gathering of over 200 people for a weekend of leisure, when others are cancelling weddings, concerts, family reunions, etc.
We all hope that the rules will be different next summer so that this long standing, incredible event can continue.
We appreciate the patience that you have shown in awaiting this announcement. I was hoping to be providing you with a very different message, but there's just no escaping the reality that we have all found ourselves in this year.
Keep the rubber side down, stay safe, stay healthy, and tentatively mark August 7th, 2021 on your calendars for the next Loose Screw.
Stuart Patton
Lead Organizer, LSDS