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At the 2019 LooseScrew, plan to attend our second annual F.R.E.D. talk. This will occur on Friday Aug. 9th starting precisely at 6pm or thereabouts…..

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This year’s presenters are Wayne Smith (Renowned ADV traveler, DSBC forum - 04KLR) and Dallas Shannon (Traction ERag).

Wayne - 'The top hits of Adventure Travel preparation'
  • Wayne will engage us in a discussion on the top 5 or so ‘key points’ to preparing for a successful ADV trip
  • The 990 will be on display for the presentation. Take the opportunity to look this well sorted beast over.
  • started riding on two wheels just after dirt was invented
  • has touched a wheel in all four oceans reachable in North / South America
  • Motorcycles, mountain bikes, McGiver skill set and ability to dance like no one’s watching among his assets
Dallas Shannon, Traction eRag - ‘Offroad skill development and tire changing seminar'
  • The Traction eRag crew are going to open with a demonstration on “static balance”. Without question, this the most important skill required to improve your riding technique on any bike in any terrain. Static balance is taught at the beginning of each eRag training clinic. Mastering this technique can be the difference between a relaxed enjoyable ride or a day of picking your bike up over and over again. Come watch as we reveal all of the secrets required to learn this skill.
  • A tire change demonstration will follow, discussing common mistakes new riders make when changing a tire. If you are sweating and swearing, chances are you are doing it wrong. The eRag gang will address simple techniques to strip the black magic out of changing a tire. A must attend!
  • Dallas Shannon is the founder and editor of Traction eRag magazine. Traction eRag have been hosting off-road riding clinics for the past four years as well as all-inclusive off-road adventure rides in unorthodox locations across North America. Our curriculum specializes in new and inexperienced off-road riders (we can also improve a seasoned riders techniques!). If you are a rider transitioning from street to ADV or ADV to DS the Traction eRag clinics can provide fundamental skill development. This is practical, hands on training that will benefit you for the remainder of your riding career.


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are there any questions out there on the subject of adventure travel? burning questions that need answering? what to pack, or not to pack. ..
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