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Movember 2020


It's certainly been a strange year, I hope you are all well! I'd like to invite all members to be involved with the Movember movement this year , if you can support the cause and donate ... that is great , if you can start conversations about health with your Bro's that's great too, I just wish this to continue!... please visit...


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Back in Feb 2020 when Tom posted the Movember ride for Nov 15th , no one could have imagined where we would be today ...
Unfortunately we are not able to host the Ride / BBQ picnic that we have offered in the past, Feel free to ride with Pals and stay social distanced. Make sure to keep the conversations going, regarding Men's health (Physical and Mental) you can check out our team site at Ride BC / Dualsport BC on the Movember site! Please donate if you can.
Thank you for your support!