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Noob Looking At What Protective Gear is Recommended


Veni vidi velcro
Total noob here.

I'm trying to figure out what protective gear would be recommended for dual sport riding. Looking to do some fsr and double track at the moment to get to some lakes to fish, picnic and camp.

I have a mix of gear already from road riding and already have:
  • Full face on-road helmet
  • D30 armored riding gear (Klim Baja Pants and Klim Carlsbad Jacket)
  • Fox Titan Chest Armor from when I used to do more mountain biking
  • Revit Dirt Gloves
  • SMX Plus Road Boots
I've been thinking of using the Fox Titan Chest armor with an older mesh jacket over top (the mesh jacket for the road section of the rides).

I have a bad ankle from rolling it too much playing volleyball, so I was thinking that getting a pair of Tech 7's would be a wise investment to ensure that I don't tweak it or hurt it while I'm out on a ride and the inevitable happen that I eventually drop the bike.

What I've been having a difficult time with is whether you really need a knee brace or neck brace? And if so, any recommendations on what to look for?

Also, to be clear, this is really just me looking forward to when things start to return to normal and we get out of this covid crisis.

What do people think? Am I being overly cautious? I'm kinda stuck in that state at the moment of you don't know what you don't know :)