Orca Run- a BIG thanks to the organizers and sponsors!!


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Thanks to all the Vancouver IslandDSBC group for another fantastic Orca Run. The A loop was perfect, everyone in our group found it to have everything we needed to challenge:shock: us all day long. The caterer did a great job as well. The campsite was fun too, was a little challenging walking around after the rain :woohoo:.

Some of us went for another ride on Sunday, which was fun all over again:bliss:but by the time we got back:(the campground was empty.

So we missed personally thanking all those who made the Orca Run possible:(

Thank You Orca Run Organisers

From the Bus People

Tom T, Mike D, Scott, Guy, and Ted


Let us know when to send our money infor next year


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Thanks to all the organisers for a great event. :tup:
Well done to the weather organisers too! :ss:

I rode the B1 on my 2008 KLR with my twin sons on an XT250 and XT350 and I was physically stuffed on that ride!! Thanks to the Orange riders who assisted getting my beast of a bike up the greasy steep track.:help
Met some great people and overall had a very good time. We'll be back.


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Ditto on what everyone said. That B route rocked! Thanks Orka dudes for all the time you must've put in mapping it all out.

I liked all the three B routes. Each one had something unique and fun about it. Th B1 was most challenging. Liked all the Creek crossings in B3 and appreciated the "recovery" time in the easier B2.:woohoo:


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ORCA was my first organized raid/ride and it set a very high bar for future rides. HUGE THANKS to all the tireless volunteers whose efforts made such a great event run so smoothly.

I ran the new Beta 525 on the B1 and B2 courses and, while the bike was more than up to it, I came to know that I have a lot to learn before tackling the A's. Although I definitely bonked well before the end my day, I got more than my money's worth. :tup:

Thanks again y'all.


Thanks guys, Great time!! Special thanks to all the riders helped me to get out the B route! or else I will be still stuck inside there. :clap: