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Provincial Trails Advisory Board PTAB


Past President DSBC 2004 -2018
Staff member
There is a Advisory Board out there that you (Motorised Off Road Recreation) should know about

Provincial Trails Advisory Board (PTAB from here on)

This is kinda like a new twist on JAG Joint Advisory Group, remember the ORV JAG? This is the group that brought us Registration, Licensing and the ORV Framework.

I know little about the PTAB and I am guessing this is going to be news to many of you that this group even exists. This group will be advising the provincial government on all things trails. Including motorised trails. The PTAB is responsible for advising government on the BC Trails Strategy, remember that? if not follow this link http://www.sitesandtrailsbc.ca/docum...V6_Nov2012.pdf

But most importantly for us Motorised Off Road Recreation types, the PTAB is in charge of advising how the funds collected from the ORV Registration (above what ICBC charged to collect) will be spent on. Presently there is about $350,000.00 in the ORV fund. Bet you did not know that?

Now the PTAB has a pretty full plate you can read about their mandate here

I don't doubt the integrity of anyone on the PTAB but it seem they are somewhat skewed towards non motorised recreation, yet they are in charge of the ORV fund.
The structure of the PTB (not up to date)
  1. John Hawkings (co-chair) Director, Recreation Sites and Trails BC
  2. Jeremy McCall (co-chair) Executive Director, Outdoor Recreation Council
  3. Tennessee Trent Recreation Sites and Trails BC
  4. Andrew Drouin Appointed by the Outdoor Recreation Council
  5. Nick Heath Appointed by the Outdoor Recreation Council
  6. Robert Holland Appointed by the Outdoor Recreation Council
  7. Tyler Kraushar Appointed by the Outdoor Recreation Council
  8. David Oliver BC Wildlife Federation (BCWF)
  9. Orville Smith Appointed by the Outdoor Recreation Council
  10. Allan Callander Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure
  11. Brian Farquhar BC Parks & Recreation Association (BCRPA)
  12. Kirby Villeneuve BC Parks
  13. Evan Loveless Wilderness Tourism Association (WTA)
Although skewed towards non motorised recreation and government bureaucrats I did note in the PTAB minutes From May 11 2017 that the ORV money is intended for ORV use
Update on ORV Trail management sub-account

This fund is the Off-Road Vehicle Trail Management Sub-account in the 2014 Off Road
Vehicle Act. It was established under the Special Accounts Appropriation &
Control Act and is not subject to the Provincial Government fiscal year constraints.
$330,000 has now been deposited in this account. The primary funding source is the
one-time ORV registration fee of $48, less ICBC recovery of its costs for setting up
the registration program. An administration fees is also charged when ORV
registrants request an address change. Groups and individuals can also donate to
the account. Funds can be carried over to later fiscal years and can accumulate
interest. RSTBC is currently developing a policy document, which will guide how the
account funds will be allocated and how spending decisions will be made.
Tennessee said spending authority has been delegated to RSTBC through Section
56 of the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA) and the fund will be used for
construction or maintenance of ORV trails and for safety and education.
developing a policy document and has studied four other jurisdictions for guidance
on allocating spending (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Washington State & BC Parks


Staff member
How do we get representation on the council? Seems to me that this council is not balanced, though the ORC seem to have a multi-use agenda. I did a quick scan to see if I could find anything on requirements around a balanced gov't council - I would think they fall under municipal council requirements? Anyway, didn't find anything.

But this is the kind of council that I think fits for DSBC as it's reach is provincial.


The ORC has board members from other motorized groups ( quads and 4wd) See: http://www.orcbc.ca/about_seb.htm I was suprised that BCORMA wasn't already on there.

I was the 4WDABC rep. to the ORC 20 odd years ago. At that time, there was internal conflict between motorized and non-motorized groups, but the ORC did its best to keep things balanced. Beyond some small initiatives it's external effect was limited though, at least when dealing with the the LRMP's which were the hot topic at that that time. It looks like it could be different now with the PTAB