R1200gs Adventure Service and Final Drive


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Does anybody have any recommendations for where to get bikes serviced, other than dealerships? I've checked out my final drive, and it seems in spec to me. The dealer is says it has play so it needs a rebuild, even though the manual says up to 1 mm.Someone else says there is clicking, and all I hear is the small sound when you rock it (less than 1mm).
Did the dealer show you how much metal was in the oil when they drained it? Metal in the final drive oil is a good indicator of a pending failure. GS 1200s have a higher driveshaft failure rate than a final drive one. If your final drive is suspect then make sure you pull the drive shaft and check the universal joints. I had a drive shaft replaced on a 2013 LC while still under warranty. The clicking sound could be a universal joint. There are after market parts available from machine shops, do a search on ADV Rider for a ton of info on GS final drives. Shop mentioned above is the only uncertified one i know of locally that is well established. I perfer Island BMW even thou im from the mainland.
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