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Unfortunately there is NO off highway route from the Lower Mainland to the interior currently, period. Washed out, significant bridges blown. MAYBE a northern route woukd have worked but how would ke connect from Lilloeet with it being all damned day. So the 5 annual (Shit that long already?) Too Loong Dayz Day will start from exit 256 (Brookmere/Coldwater) on the Coquihalla. There is good parking around the corner on the river side that is relatively safe with all the highway repair and pipeline traffic The Roadbook is loaded in the file section in three formats; legal pdf (vest for rally nav and other apps), Enduro Pages (thats three rows of transits that can be cut and pasted) or Enduro Roll if you have a roll printer.

Here is the norrmal disclosures and advice....
Not all intersections of trails, tracks and roads are marked, follow the natural path sometimes its straight through sometimes it may turn but its obvious. ODO readings get inaccurate fast, there is intentionally some Tulips (transits) that are close even when obvious so if you reset or adjust ODO and the next close tulip doesn't make sense you know to check your position. Not all hazards are marked but some are like the first one only a few Km in, if you dont stay right its not going to be easy or pretty. Chris Burch, Slow is fast, applies to Rally Nav as well. You are 5 km past your tulip distance and the detsik doesn't match go back and try the other way. GPS accuracy and cloud cover and many other things can mean your odo is hundreds of meters out, reset it when you are sure your at the right transit.

Day 2 will follow gents. But heads up it will end at Thalia on Tulameen Rd. This is the old trestle that burnt years ago where the Kavar crosses the Tulameen rd. You csn choose tour own adventure from here and go down to Princeton and West Home or up to the Brookmere Rd and out through Brookmere to your start at exit 256 Coldwater/Brookmere Rd.



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Sorry All, a Camp Directors life is not their own when kids are in camp. Roadbook for Day two is now available in FB Event/file page and attached below. Planning a small Roadbook Primer for posting here and on FB later tonight.


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OK, How do I use this Roadbook thing?!?

Each row matching your trip odometer (Total KM) is your current instructions. The purple circled number is total KM, the orange circled KM is distance till next Tulip (Transit) The first tulip is showing a building on the left of the track and a straight track going through a gate (leave gates as found open or closed or as signed) In this roadbook the route is highlighted in blue, follow this path. Other paths are shown for context and position recognition do not follow them. The small 45 degree down tick marks the point in the tulip description that corresponds with your KM reading, meaning the portion of the highlighted route in front of it is what you should see in front of you at that mileage. Now comes the fun part, every rider GPS or tire odometer is going to read slightly high or low so over high KM it is going to get out of sync with the roadbook; when you have completed a close set of tulips and you are confident that you are at a described position, adjust your total trip odometer to match the total for that tulip. You will need to do this constantly. The route/road/track lines with a short line "capping" them indicates they are not the way to go, not that they end there.
Track types;
Tulip one shows the thin black line - This is a double track or overgrown or deactivated FSR in my roadbooks.
Tulip two shows a hollow two line track - this is a normal FSR
Tulip three shows a triple line track - This is a paved road (Single lane/Double lane/highway or freeway)
The each row to the right of the tulip shows a bearing highlighted in yellow, this is your cap heading at really is for trackless areas but it should match the CAP heading top right of the Rally Navigator dashboard when you cross that little angle hatch line in normally the center of the tulip track. The right box also has warnings and directions.
If a box is highlighted Green it means that it follows almost immediately the last tulip, so beware you have multiple instructions coming fast.
I use Boxed Exclamations that force the highlight of the roadbook row to also be highlighted when there is cautions in the roadbook. BEWARE THERE ARE MANY UNMARKED DANGERS BUT I INCLUDE THESE AS THEY MAY BE UNAVOIDABLE AT HIGH SPEED.

Tap the ODO top left just above or just below to adjust mileage up and down. Swipe to reset or set custom distance.
More detail on setting up Rally Navigator, one of the best and its free.

Feel free to ask questions.

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Each row


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Hi, any chance we could get day1 as a wide roll (similar to the one posted for day 2), there is a big white margin in the pdf at the moment.

Found it on FB!
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