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Tamihi Trails / TrailForks GPS Project


Past President DSBC 2004 -2018
Staff member
DSBC and Tamihi Trails needs your help

Tamihi Trails (stewarded by DSBC) is updating the gps/gpx files and maps for the Tamihi Trails ORV area. Many of the GPX files are old and very inaccurate and need to be updated.

For this we have come up with a simple plan that will incorporate the social distancing practices, if we can’t follow simple protocols we will cancel the plan.

What needs to be done is new gpx tracks of individual trails as listed on TrailForks. The trails must be walked with your gps in tracking mode. No need for large groups just take your significant other, kids, dog or someone within your social distancing approved circle and go for a hike. You will get exercise, help Tamihi Trails and the off road community.

Volunteers for this project will submit there name with the trail and proposed date they wish to record the track and information for the trail. DSBC will contact you and provide the information that is required. The list of trails and who will be recording the information will be listed here on the forum (New Thread to be started soon)

Tamihi is located very close to Chilliwack but if you follow the social distancing guidelines for going outside and exercising all should be good. Many trails are accessible along one of the Forest Service Roads, so do not use any of the parking lots, drive or ride to the trail-head of your selected trail for gps’s.

Your GPS must be reasonably new for accuracy, Purpose built GPS like Garmin and Smart phones both work well as long as they are set up properly. We will help with this.

Interested in helping out? You can see the trails that need doing by following this link to TrailForks Tamihi (Chilliwack River) Dirt-biking Trails https://www.trailforks.com/region/tamihi-chilliwack-river/ It might even be a good idea to join TrailForks while you are there.

This is the rough plan and I submit it to you all for your comments, questions and if you might be able to help.

This project will be managed thru the DualSportBC Forum https://forum.dualsportbc.com/ NOT FACEBOOK. Will be using FB only to get the discussion started all detailed information will be on the DSBC Forum