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The Adventure Bike Gathering!


Soon to be making the pilgrimage up/back to/from whats bound to be an epic event!

Getting there - Sept 16th:
- Riding East Harry to Boston Bar, Murray Lakes, Douglas Lake rd, etc... and eventually popping out North of Vernon on the 16th. If yer into early mornings, and fast flowy routes, welcome to come along. Even if yer not attending the event 😭 you can take the tarmac back from Boston Bar - if I havent convinced you to come by then 😝.
Sounds like another tasty adventure. Will clean my bike and mark the calendar. Question about lodging. Do most of the gathering participants camp or hotel it in Vernon. Never been there before. Thanks.
Keeping my fingers crossed for Wednesday. Rebuilt the front tire and realized the front axle was also bent. Working on that at present. Will let you know tomorrow pm if it is a go for me. Is Adam planning on attending? I will bring along his gas can and straps from the last outing.
The steed is watered and saddled up. Will check later for your post on time and meet up. If not, will see you in Vernon later in the day.


Launch will initiate at 10:00 am 🚀 from the Husky gas station in Harrison. I'll be there 15 mins beforehand to fill up with fuel - both for the human and the bike. Will be moving quick, as there's lots of ground dirt to cover to get to Vernon before sundown, so eat yer wheaties.
If blazing saddles isnt yer thing, can catch me at the Subway in Merritt for lunch 🥗.


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I am still debating whatever I should depart tomorrow after work or not. Not sure if my knee wants me to put more stress on it or not. Bike is ready though. :)

Enjoy event regardless and have fun! ;)
What a pleasure to take part in the gathering. Great trails, good food and a really fun group of riders! Will be back next year. Also, a shout out to the three fellas from Van, North Van and Bowen island who stopped to help me make some clutch adjustments from the side of the road. Thank You! Had to add this pic. Best breakfast in Vernon! Eatology in the old Greyhound terminal.