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Tires, tubes, treads, and more...


Post up here with your questions, answers, and tall tales re the most important bits in yer bike that keep you bobbin....


What tire(s) do you ride? What tire meets/exceeds your expectations? How many tires did it take for you to find it?
(you did try every tire you could get yer mitts on in an endless quest for the ultimate combo of traction and durability, right?)


Past President DSBC 2004 -2018
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What better way to start whats to become an epic thread than with a seminal post from the master himself:

Great Vid, thanks for posting

Me, I decided to learn how to patch a tube with minimal tools. Seeing I dont race and an extra 30 minutes to the day has not been a problem.

Had many combinations of tires over the years. Worst tires ever for my type of riding was the Trackmaster 6 ply and some shitty trials tire. I have always been pleased with the Mitas tires, predictable is what I would say.