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Traction ERag Summer 2019 Training Schools


Staff member
Traction ERag has offered us a discount on their courses this summer. There are several. The DSBC DISCOUNT code DSBC15 and so check it out and signup

The Traction eRag and DualSportBC present a dual sport skills development clinic in Kamloops.

Come visit the Traction eRag World Headquarters, nestled in the hills overlooking Pinantan Lake just east of Kamloops. Enjoy a full-day of dodging cattle and munching on cow patties.

June 9th, Kamloops, British Columbia

Clinics are full-day skill development opportunities. The foundation of our curriculum is based on fundamental trials techniques. If you are struggling, proper technique will allow you to achieve your full riding potential.

Our course is best suited for novice to intermediate riders who want to improve their technical skill set and learn techniques that will move their riding to the next level. Our teaching focuses on progressive learning, linking one concept to the next, throughout the day.

Delicious lunch included, veggie options available.

Experience a supportive learning environment packed with knowledge, good people and fun, fun, fun!

For more information: https://traction-erag.squarespace.com/summer-school

I know enough and want to sign up now Click Here




Administrator / BFF in the blue jacket
I attended a Traction E-Rag clinic this past Saturday (May 25th).
I spend most of my saddle time riding in the trails chasing friends, etc. What is lacking - and maybe its the same for others - is spending time practicing certain skills / scenarios. Odd, because I certainly invest time 'practicing / training' for other sports...
Here is my endorsement:
  • Skills training was progressive & logical. The environment was cooperative and supportive.
  • Having become a 'solid' rider over the past 15 years, it was finally explained / demonstrated to me how my many bad habits might 'get the job done' but sap my energy over the day. So I'm committed to correcting some of those habits, and am very happy to have learned how better to approach & clear fallen logs.
  • This was not a 'watch the expert ride around' type of clinic. I spent most of the day on my bike. Standing. Man I was sore the next morning...
  • My class of 8 riders included at least one person with more skill / experience than myself - as well as one or two complete novices. The instructors (Megs & Dallas) easily handled this spectrum to everyone's satisfaction.
I highly recommend, and extend special thanks to Dallas for supporting DualSportBC and the Loose Screw.


Just signed up for the Aug 9th Loose Screw Clinic. :)

I know I have lots of bad habits. I learnt them from riding behind Mark, LOL


Past President DSBC 2004 -2018
Staff member
I have updated the information on Summer School as of July 18 there is still a few spots left.

Summer School is not exclusive to the LSDS2019 but what the heck you might as well test out your new skills while in Kamloops

Summer School is held at World Headquarters of Traction eRag high above Kamloops near Pinantan Lake about 22 kms out of Kamloops

If you want to arrive early and camp near the training site (so you can get that little bit of extra sleep) that can be arranged