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WANTED - KTM 990/950 Adventure exhaust header


Looking for exhaust header pipes for KTM 990 Adventure. Looking for both front and rear. 950 headers will also work, just need to remove/plug the lambda sensors.
KTM rear part # 60105008000
KTM front part # 60105007000

New or used, thanks.


I have its direct cousin - albeit he's in somewhat better shape, hence the ask for a more distant relative.
I'll ask my welding wizard whether your's is closer to salvation than mine, thanks.


Well-known member
oooh, if you're not using that O2 sensor bung, could i have it please....
(as a former klr guy, I'm planning on JB welding this pipe back together combined with wire and an Aluminium pie plate, the heavy aluminium ones. good to go).

fone sept 5.jpg