Weekend trip to Willy's Puddle and back.


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Here's a Coles notes, more pics. than blab, report covering our 2 day ride to Williams Lake and back last weekend with very little pavement, up to a point...
It was another Stu ride which means, well planned and tracks for the whole ride. The four of us launched outta the Loops at the crack of 8am Sat. with a long day ahead of us. First gravel was on Lac Du Bois then across Long lk rd. where the beat up abandoned red car has now been removed, which was nice to see, er, see gone.
After riding under warming stellar skies on Lac du bois, sawmill, fatox, heller FSR's and many more left rights, we ended arrived in the vacinity of the bonaparte plateau.

first pic. of the day of a soon to be ignored "road closed" sign, um, no no it's not.

P1300938 (2).JPG


P1300941 (2).JPG

Robin Stu and Floyd, either of which can always be caught with grins on their faces. Good guys to travel with.

P1300951 (3).JPG

at the lake which I've forgotten the name a few hours into our day (where there's a very neat long steel girder dam constructed)

P1300954 (2).JPG

not all tracks were on big wide rds.

P1300957 (3).JPG

P1300959 (2).JPG

P1300962 (3).JPG

this not terribly good pic. doesn't do justice to the spectacular colors on this into October day.

P1300964 (2).JPG

from long shadows cast westerly in the AM now well into the afternoon, cast to the east .
(wish I had've mooved that pack, would've made a much better pic).


late lunch. sometimes trivial things like eating place second to riding!

P1300970_stitch (2).jpg

P1300988 (3).JPG

I kept my distance for awhile after this move, whew!

P1300991 (3).JPG

dumping out onto hwy 24, we gassed at interlakes then back to gravel towards Horsefly then a few kms. of tar based gravel (pavement) to Williams Lake for the night.

P1310001_stitch (3).jpg

one of these things is not like the others..

P1310003 (3).JPG

Now nearing the end of day after some pizza beer and laughs.
(seeing the flowerless planter, we decided to plant a few cans, certainly hope they grow!

P1310004 (2).JPG

And that, was Saturday. A mere 9 hr in excess of 400k ride day. Tomorrow, with the threat of rain will be a longer and harder ride heading sw towards the gang ranch thru to China Head down to the Fraser east up the high bar rd for fuel in Clinton then towards the Loops.

thx for lookin.
Sundays ride should arrive tomorrow, on Friday.
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or today, on Sunday.
Day 2 of our ride started with light rain and crazy thick fog on the paved ride climbing south out of town towards the turnoff into Farwell canyon. First pic. of the day taken only a few k's off the paved road on a big wide gravel one heading towards Farwell Canyon with the rain left behind us. Riding sweep I rounded a rather lazy corner and found there were three bikes stopped ahead of me, and one is laying on it's side, with the rider laying motionless with it, gulp! WTF! After an unsettling few minutes, Stu slowly stood up and did a damage report on himself, all pretty well OK (whew), It seems that a yearling Stupid cow, er cow, emerged from a deep wide grassy ditch running in the same direction right beside him. As Stu veered away towards the middle of the road the cow took a hard left and swept the bike out from under him.... Fortunately neither him or the bike were badly damaged and the cow ran away (with all the other cows nearby bellowing loudly for quite awhile).

no need for many pics. here.
P1310009 (3).JPG

carrying on, into Farwell canyon towards the Gang Ranch.

P1310010 (2).JPG

here comes Floyd.

P1310019 (3).JPG

should've kept an eye on him,, I arriving at this stop on the road and said to Stu an Robin, um, where's Floyd as he was ahead of me? It seems that he was reminicing of taking the reverse of this route on the way to the far north last year (to Tuk.) he then missed a turn and happily rode off today's track, for awhile. We regrouped here at this straight road "T" intersection then carried on.

P1310022_stitch (3).jpg

In the area of China Head, here looking down in the direction of that notorious hill down to Mud Lakes. Came perilously close to looping my KLr coming up that hill one day, that was a few years back and it's reportedly much worse now. Just ask that dead Beemer at the bottom.

P1310029 (3).JPG

P1310035 (2).JPG

up on top of China Head aiming towards the Fraser and the West Pavillion FSR.

P1310038 (2).JPG


P1310039 (2).JPG

P1310039_stitch (3).jpg

several miles of loose rock across the top. some steepish up's an downs.

P1310053 (3).JPG

giving full caution to these guys! (gals?)

P1310059 (4).JPG

sadly a bit hazy as this is a stunning colorful view after dropping from the near alpine to the Fraser river.

P1310063 (3).JPG

So happy to learn the former Perckerhead ferry operator is gone as he was generally the low point of any trip requiring the use of the big bar ferry. It is now "Manned" by a very cordial Native woman who seemed keen to see us and the bikes. Nice.

P1310077 (2).JPG

Floyd and Robin with their Kamloops Motorcycle Riding Fools decals stuck to their helmets.

P1310082 (3).JPG

at essentially the top of the steep switchback riddled High Bar Rd. So steep that Stu is here beginning to have trouble keeping the front end down.

P1310092 (2).JPG

Last pic. of the day, here looking back to the road from a knife edge ride viewpoint at the top of the high bar rd. (too hazy to bother showing the awesome view down to the Fraser in the other direction). Nine hours yesterday and nearing 12 today, made for a lot of seat time. It was almost dusk when we reached Clinton for fuel, then with our noses heading towards the Loops we hit Hungry Herbies for a quick mushroom cheeseburger in cache creek then rode in the full dark on the slab to home after a very full weekend's ride.
With the exception of the cow incident, we had a terrific trip, thx as always Stu for the tracks and organizing and Floyd and Robin for being great very capable guys to ride with.

P1310095_stitch (2).jpg

Thx fer lookin.
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Great report as always (y).
Good to hear the ferry operator has "passed on", and that there's a friendly face there now :).It'll be 2021 before we get back up there me thinks.

PS: @Reza's dead beemer is supposedly now rescued!


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Sorry to disappoint you all, as there seem to be a rotation on the ferry crew (anger management courses?! lol), but the guy is still there, saw him two weekends ago. ;)

Great report nonetheless, as always :)

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One of the operators told me last year they work one week shifts operating the ferry, and as lagbc said, there are several operators. They are employees of the highway maintenance contractor.