What is the Point of DZEE and how will it all work?


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The DZEE ride will be a "Navigational Rally"

This type of "Rally" has been on our minds for many years, but with the growth of DSBC and different directions it has pulled us over the years it has never made it much past the idea stage. We have approached many people over the years, to find someone that knows how these rides work and see if they could teach us. We have has some success but never to the point where the event could be actually developed and implemented. Pretty much everyone we have discussed this idea with, has had positive reactions. So now that I have some time on my hand the old gray mass has been working overtime and its time to move forward.

The DZEE ride will be a "Proof of concept" before we attempt a Pilot project rally. Why a Proof of Concept? Well to be honest this is something I would like to do and I am hoping others have the same interest. We have to find out if riders are really interested in this kind of a Navigational based Rally. If you decide on participating on this ride you will be asked for your input and from that input we will be able to either move forward or just drop the whole idea.

For this ride we want to verify the navigational maps and gpx files for a larger Rally (next year) and add an additional challenge of Time Speed Distance TSD to the even. For you older guys this will be much more like a modern Enduro. We also want to make sure we have a good understanding of the use of GPS for such an event.

Below is a video Off road Motorcycle Road-book navigation for beginners using Rally Navigator. Its worth the watch, this rider is using a Road Book rather than a Roll Chart. We can do either or both

Roll Chart Holder

Roll Chart Holder

Some of you already have this unit works very well, but not as cool as the above Rally Navigator App
This GPS is powered by your bike and has a rechargeable battery I use this on my Husqvarna TE450 which has a questionable charging system and have had no problems


Here is all the stuff I have been discussing and use to plan the route. I use the phone as a back up and it usually is in my pocket, I just like roll charts
If I use the handheld GPS I remove all background maps and only load just the one GPS track zoomed in.



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