8 Years of the Dead Zone


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Thanks for the good times

Thanks for the good times

Just joining in the chorus to say a great big thank you to Tom, Sharon, Mark and Judy for all of the work that has been put into this event over the past many years. I attended 3 of the DZ events and not only had a lot of fun, but became a better rider and met some wonderful people. This event will be missed.


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A giant Thank-You for putting on the Dead Zone!! :clap: It must be a monumental amount of work, and like all the Dual Sport BC Events it was very well run and organized! Tom, Judy, Mark and Sharon and all the people behind the scenes...very well done!!

I had only been to two so far but I was definitely planning on more...as well as hoping on getting a smaller machine to part-take in all the tougher trails!!


One pic in the wet...mud + bridge over swamp = trouble


one pic in the dry...dusty, loose, rolling, open goodness.

Hopefully someone will pick up the torch...

Thanks again!!



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Bumpity-bump... only 6 more sleeps to our annual pilgrimage back to the area.
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