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Any F800GS owners on here?


New member
I was considering this bike before purchasing my KLR but was turned off primarily due to the price and serviceability of the bike.
As for your gear indicator you might be able to fix that yourself by cleaning the contacts in the clutch housing if it is anything like my old GSXR that had similar issue with gear indication.
Crummy to hear your rims bent up so easily, were you able to true them up?
I wanted a bullet proof bike that was simple to work on and proven and that I wasn't going to cringe over when it inevitably gets scratched and dinged off road, so the KLR spoke loudest to me.


New member
The KLR is truly the Swiss Army knife of the dual sport world, thanks for the suggestion I'll try cleaning the contacts. I wasn't trying to sound too negative :rolleyes: But the rims bending after VERY light use didn't exactly brighten up my day. I've since called different dealers and asked if this is a common f800gs issue (there are many online reports that it is) and they say no, so It is possible I might have just got a set made on a Friday afternoon. Although one dealer told me they come stocked with excel rims from the factory. Anyways to sum Up my review or opinion of the bike.... Bring cash, replace the rims before leaving pavement, and enjoy the ride.

oh I wasn't able to true the old rims.

Here's the short list of extras I have on the bike if anyone wants info on these parts let me know:

adventure spec crash bars
sw motech risers
givi trekker outback panniers (still waiting for arrival any day now)
Rugged roads luggage rack
bark buster hand guards

once I cash my rrsp's and mutual fund's I'll add to the list ;)

Well anyways It's good to be here and looking forward to meeting most of you at loose screw (reg is in the mail).

Angry Bear

New member
Thanks for the info on this thread. Im awaiting delivery of my 2013 from BMW in Ajax Ontario. As with all bikes we all have different tastes, riding abilities and preferences. So i fully expect to be dropping some hard earned $$ into the bike after i have a few miles on the seat. Half the fun is tweaking the bike to suit your individual needs and preferences right? This is a big step up from my 2000 DRZ 400, which i love to rip around in the west kootenay mountains.


Funny about the gumby rims; when shopping for a bike the dealer explained that the f800 had the MUCH tougher spoked rims as opposed to the fragile cast wheels on the f700 and therefore was suitable for moderate off-road use, as compared to the f700, which was described as basically a pavement bike. We chose the 700GS as the wifey has other choices than a 500# behemoth for off-roading. She absolutely loves her F700GS and has me thinking about the f800GS or perhaps the 1200GS.

I do wonder about the huge price gap between the 700, 800 and 1200 versions.


New member
Don't get me wrong Shuswap would I buy this bike (F800gs) again? in short.... YES
The spokes aren't the issue I had, it was the weak rim bands themselves. Just google F800gs bent rims and you'll find out it is more common than you'd think.

As far as the price gaps, what you get in each bike model is quite a big difference. 700-800 Biggest difference is suspension and the price reflects. 800-1200 Biggest difference is EVERYTHING, there are completely different bikes and the price DEFENITELY reflects.



Thanks, I'm still pondering one of these models, find many with higher mileage, which I'll take as a good sign, in at least that their owner's enjoyed riding them.
Sean went up the sand hill pretty good though

After watching Sean ride his like I rode my TE610, it really shows what the bike can do. It's 80 percent rider.
I made the mistake of riding Sean's on the highway - I'm too cheap to pop on one - cha ching. Common complaints I've heard: snatchy throttle, suspension bottoms out, delicate front rim, lack of protection (need Motechs and MOD skid for starters). I will have one some day.


I'd cr*p myself if that didn't make it over the top.

It's one thing to take on a hill like that with a 475#+/- machine if you are sure you'll top and quite another if you aren't certain of rolling over the top.
If you lost momentum 10' from the top I'd rather be somewhere else than under that 475#

Takes big 'uns to take that hill on with that bike!