February 2 - 11 2019 San Pedrito Beach


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It's been 10 days since my last post, you would think I was too busy? Nope, just falling into the Baja way of life, never do today what you can put off till tomorrow. I managed to pick up a cold from one of the other campers and now just waiting for the tail ends to leave me

Lets start with Sharon, while going to pu laundry she knocked a hole into the oil pan, she did manage to make it all the way to the laundry store, but not all the oil did. Was an easy trail to follow.


In true Baja or DualSport fashion I mixed up a bit of JP weld, patched the hole and we were mobile once again..........Car needed an oil change anyhow

Oh No Another Sunset on the beach with the waves crashing into shore photo, its pretty much like this every day



Here is Steve from 100 Mile, (the guy I got the cold from) and his two monster dogs Tex and Ogar.



How is Jake doing? I would say about 75%, its been a slow recovery as he just cant sit still for more than a couple of hours, then its of to play and he re injures himself
His tail is up and wagging most of the time again



Bunch of old Gringos at the beach


This nasty beast climbed up my pant leg the other night and gave me three good bites before I knew what was happening. Tough sucker....me not so much

Look quick a real whale photo, these guys are right outside of our camper door for most of the day, after a couple of weeks I decided I would try and take a few pictures



Finally I had to take a picture of this Crazy Canadian from Ontario, Pat his wife and his 3 kids are here for the winter and brought as many of the toys they could with them



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What kind of bug is that that bit you? It looks weird. I'm glad to hear that Jake is feeling better. You all have quite the life going on down there. The photos are painting quite the story of an idylic restful stress free existance. How's the riding? Ask Sharon to pick me up a rock from the beach. Snow is up to 14" and still coming down tonight. Lincoln loves the snow because he gets to sleep inside on the couch along with the other 3 dogs. He's getting a taste of Jake's life.