tomcycle's Baja Adventure 2018-2019

I have never done a Blog or even know how to set one up, pretty much how we started DSBC all those years ago. So my first blog will be about our (Sharon Jake the Dog and myself) Trip to Baja and what we hope to do and do during this 4+ month adventure. It is only partially DualSport Related as I am taking my Husky 310 along. I thought that many of you out there are around my age and are doing similar things with your bikes that you might be interested how we are going to do our trip. I hope it will inspire some of you guys (and I mean girls too) to get out there and enjoy (and bring a bike along) I hope I can keep this interesting enough during the next couple of months while it rains and snows until the spring, which we will be back riding with you all again. Tom Timmerman Sharon Rambo Jake the dog