January 11 2019 Santispac Mulege


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W3W Santispac Link https://w3w.co/tailed.societies.cheapness be sure to activate Satellite View and zoom out

There has been no internet access in Santispac where we stayed a couple of days

Jake has become very ill at Ojo de Liebre and we are now in Loreto seeking a vet. Something has happened that he has lost all motor control of his rear legs. He is eating normal and acting like a normal dog but he can not move without falling. This is very sad to watch, but like all dogs he is a trooper and does not complain and evens seem happy. Today he seems only slightly better but we will see the vet anyhow.


Santispac Sunrise, Palapas and camping spots for 200 pesos per night per vehicle (MH, Car, Motorcycle were one vehicle)

sunrise in Baja

there was a big storm some time ago and all the structures here where blown away, but a full rebuild is well underway



If memory is correct this was the house of Mulege Jake, its another story too long to tell here


The El Moro Campground, not much room and not for tenters, power water and sewer for you MH guys. 200 pesos per night, warm showers, clean and safe

All these services and only a block from the Malecon and city square. also good cell service

W3W Location of El Moro RV site. https://w3w.co/authority.timeless.circumstances


Many improvements to Mex 1

Ran into these guys in Constitution, I dont know if they have a web site or just a group of guys, I am sure I asked but forgot as usual.

They are from Vancouver Island and said they knew about DSBC

Maybe someone from the Island recognised these guys and can give me some info?