January 23 2019 So how much does it cost to travel Baja in your MH with a DS


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As you already know if you are following this Blog, We are traveling Baja in our 40 foot Motorhome with a TOAD and the DS bike on the Hitch



This post is January 23 2019 and that marks exactly one month since we entered Mexico and its time to add up our expenses to date

I have converted Pesos to Canadian Dollars. Many things are not cheap here in Baja anymore
Diesel is approx $1.40+ per litre

And some stuff is priced right
Clean purified drinkable water is about 20 cents per litre (cheap if you don't want to get sick)
Beer ( the elixir of life) less than $1.00 can
Campsites are around 10-20 dollars per night depending on hookups, and that is for something that I can fit into. If you are Motorcycle camping it is better to stick to the free beaches if you can.

Below is what we spent on stuff our first month (your expenses may very)

Total for the month Dec 22 to Jan 23 $2,400.00 CDN
Camping240.00 Fee Campsites or RV Parks
Food1125.00 Includes Beer, Wine, Restaurant and drinks
Fuel825.00 Diesel and gas for car and bike
Supplies175.00 Trinkets
Water27.00 Includes filling the RV Tank and Drinking Water
So far we have not had any breakdowns or flats,so no repairs to date.

We did damage the power stairs when we had to take a detour in La Paz, the front step hangs 4 inches lower than anything else and this was something I was concerned about but it is fixable, perhaps tomorrow?, AC has lost some of its super cooling power so I will have to get that checked but the weather is not unbearable so no problemo. DVI cable failed on my computer so I have to transfer any movies I want to watch to a USB stick, somehow I manage to find the time.

I will update this cost sheet next month, if you have any questions please ask away

There you have it for January 23 2019


UPDATE Feb 28 2019

this is Month two here in Baja and I have compiled our cost totals for February the period of January 24 to February 23

We had an unexpected repair to the MH but it did not add up to much and is included below. Converted to CDN Dollars
We also camped on the Beach for Free this past month.
Total $1699.00

13612Food Includes Eating out and Liquor 952.84
3613.56Fuel Car and MH252.95
4973Supplies & Repairs Includes Starter repair348.11
810Water 56.70
40Phone and Internet 40 USD ATT54.00


Ya I've spent about 2 years traveling the Baja back and forth over 3 trips in the mid 2000 but in a car and they know what the US $$ is worth but the best time was when it was $1 CDN to $10 MEX :)

I've read some of your posts and man I miss the Baja and would love to go back with toy hauler/bikes :)


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It's pretty damn nice down here. Have not done much riding yet but there are plans in the works. Hope you get the chance to return soon


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Updated our costs for the Month of February see first post, we are going to start heading North pretty soon and expect to be in the USA for the Beginning of April to join up with the Iwannaridemoab bunch in Moab UT for April 7th.